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Hyper Pro Martial Arts is an advanced fusion between traditional martial arts training and modern martial arts.
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Hyper Pro Martial Arts


Hyper Pro Training is a fusion between traditional martial arts training and modern martial arts. This program is a dynamic and exciting way to learn advanced kicking techniques, acrobatics, and weapons. Students train to become quicker, more powerful, and cleaner in their martial arts techniques. This class helps students excel to the next level in their martial arts training. Students can learn new techniques and be part of the modern action life style.

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Watch the video to learn how our Hyper Pro Martial Arts program can teach you to be a

martial arts athlete with advanced kicking techniques.

Watch the video to learn more about Hyper Pro Bully Defense. Grandmaster Hall has presented this program to various camps, youth groups, PTA groups and church groups throughout the area. Grandmaster Hall also offers free seminars at his academy at various times during the year. Please give us a call if you are interested in this nationally acclaimed program.