Grandmaster Hall Tiger Rock | Grandmaster Rick Hall - Karate | Adult Martial Arts Class
Grandmaster Rick Hall's Martial Arts is a great place for adults to increase fitness levels, lose weight, and learn self defense.
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Adult Martial Arts

We can help you change you from the inside out! We have what you need…better fitness? More energy? Increased coordination? Better flexibility? Weight loss? Stress management? Mental focus and a calm mind? All of these can happen for you. We know that adults who engage in Tiger-Rock Martial Arts programs can dramatically increase their fitness level, lose weight and lower stress levels. This isn’t your grandfather’s karate class. We have blended traditional martial arts with modern sport science, the latest research and hundreds of years of martial arts tradition to provide you with the finest martial arts experience available.

What is Tiger-Rock Martial Arts?


We start with our core Chang Hon Taekwondo art. Adults immediately feel the energy and power that comes from movements that involve kicking, punching, turning and striking. Dramatic changes occur over time that you could not imagine possible. Greater flexibility, faster response times, improved concentration all translate into the ability to make everyday life easier both at home and at work. Keeping up with the kids, the boss, school assignments and weekend activities now require much less effort. In addition, the calm you feel at the end of your training is a direct result of the moving meditation that is the essence of martial arts training.

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Imagine the possibility of burning up to 800 calories in one session. No more clothes you can’t squeeze into. Make your friends keep up with you for a change! You just cannot get this experience in a gym or trying to work out on your own. Our instructors are highly trained, focused, professional martial artists who mentor and guide you through this dynamic journey of transformation. Through this special relationship, adults learn valuable self-protection skills, and greater mental strength. The warrior tradition comes alive in a safe, controlled environment that challenges each individual in every class.