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Welcome to Grandmaster Rick Hall's Martial Arts in Chattanooga, Tennessee - offering the finest in martial arts to adults, teens, and children.
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Welcome to Grandmaster Rick Hall’s

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts


For 29 years, Grandmaster Rick Hall and his Instructors have been serving the Chattanooga area by providing the finest in Martial Arts training. Grandmaster Hall has been training in Tiger-Rock Taekwondo for over 37 years and is an 8th Degree Black Belt. He is a member of the United States Taekwondo Grandmasters Society and an internationally certified Grandmaster Instructor.


Rick Hall’s Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Hixson offers modern Martial Arts training with the traditional values of respect, courtesy and self-control. Thousands of adults, teens, children and families in the Chattanooga area have improved their quality of life by incorporating our unique training into their daily lives. Come join us for a free introductory class to see what our program can do for you and your family.


    Call Grandmaster Hall today at 423-877-3451 to personally discuss your goals for health, fitness, self-defense and personal development. We will schedule you for a free introductory class to see what Tiger-Rock Martial Arts training can do for you....


Grandmaster Rick Hall

kids martial arts

The youth classes at Rick Hall’s Tiger-Rock Martial Arts are the perfect activity for kids to enjoy themselves while learning martial arts, social skills, and self-discipline.  In addition to the physical self-defense skills, children develop the self confidence to stand up for themselves in the face of bullying and intimidation.  We offer two age groups for children.

adult martial arts chattanooga

Rick Hall’s Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers classes structured specifically for teens and adults. This traditional Taekwondo based martial art is an exciting way for you to get in better shape, make friends, and learn valuable self defense skills.

martial art weapon training link

Train with martial arts weapons such as bo staff, nunchuks, swords and kamas in our Extreme Team Weapons class. Learn advanced kicking techniques and acrobatic moves in our Extreme Team demonstration class.

extreme team kickboxing link

Learn real MMA-style punching, striking and kicking in a high energy hour long Extreme Team kickboxing class.

grandmaster society

Grandmaster Rick Hall is an 8th Dan member of the

United States Taekwondo Grandmasters Society